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Coins with characters from the Kajko and Kokosz comic book series

Kajko and Kokosz - a series of comics by Janusz Christa, which became his most popular work. The heroes of the comic are the titular Kajko and Kokosz, two Slavic warriors living in the town of castellan Mirmił. Their main enemies are the Robbers under the command of the Hegemon and his second-in-command Corporal. Other important characters in the comic include: Mirmiła's wife, Lubawa, the little Dragon Miluś, the witch Jaga and her husband, the thug Łamignat, and the sloppy robber Oferma.

The idea for coins with Kajko and Kokosz was born in 2022. The Mint of Gdańsk was the only one in the world to receive the right to issue collector coins with the image of Janusz Christa's work. 

On May 10, 2023, the premiere of the first coins in the series took place.

Silver collector coins are characterized by a very high relief and interesting additions. Each coin is packed with a certificate of authenticity in an elegant box. Collector coins are also characterized by a limited mintage, emphasizing their uniqueness. Expenses will never be increased.

Coins from the "Kajko and Kokosz" series are full-fledged coins - they have a denomination and a government guarantee. Due to the Polish law, only the National Bank of Poland has the ability to issue coins with the currency denominated in PLN. For this reason, our coins are denominated in Fijian Dollars, and their authenticity and legality are guaranteed by the Fijian Government, which is why the obverse of the coins must be written in English.

The following versions will appear in the series:

  • Silver, 2 oz Ag - 4 coins
  • Silver, 200 g Ag - 1 coin
  • Silver, 1 oz and 2 oz Ag BU - 5 coins

Issue plan (subject to change)

50th anniversary


Flying School


Mirmił's Warriors


The Great Tournament


The Birthday of Miluś


Janusz Christa

Janusz Christa (*19.07.1934 Vilnius – †15.11.2008 Sopot) – one of the most outstanding and popular comic book artists in Poland. From 1945 he lived and worked in Sopot.

Creator of the comic series Kajko i Kokosz, Kajtek i Koko, Gucek i Roch. He published his first works in the monthly "Jazz", the magazine "Przygoda", the daily newspaper "Głos Wybrzeża" and the weekly "Nowa Wieś". In 1957, he started collaborating with the Gdańsk afternoon newspaper "Wieczór Wybrzeża", where the adventures of Kajtek i Kok and Kajka i Kokosz were published for 17 years. After leaving "Wieczor", the adventures of Mirmił's brave warriors, the author drew for "Świat Młodych" and "Relax" magazine, for which he also created many other interesting stories in various styles, including a quasi-realistic comic book with the adventures of Guck and Roch.

In the 1980s and 1990s, nearly 30 albums with Janusz Christa's comics were published, and their total circulation exceeded 10 million copies.

Comic book successes

The first strip with their adventures appeared in "Wieczorze Wybrzeża" in 1972.

The first theatrical adaptation of Kajek i Kokosz took place in Słupsk in 1986. Next in 2010 (Olsztyn) and 2021 (Warsaw)

The comic became the basis for the creation of many computer games. The first one was created in 1994. In 2005, the first 3D game referring to the comic book was released - Kajko i Kokosz: Flying School, and in 2006 Kajko i Kokosz 2: Miracle Medicine. In 2012, the adventure game Kajko i Kokosz was created: Mirmiłowo Wielkie, Corporal's trick and Rozprawa z Hodonem

In February 2003, Egmont Polska started re-edition of the series

In 2009, Egmont published a board game entitled Kajko and Kokosz - The Great Race. Another board game published by the same company was Kajko i Kokosz - Expedition of daredevils

In 2012, the Polish company TissoToys produced figurines with characters from the comic book Kajko i Kokosz

Since 2016, there has been an official continuation of the series entitled "Kajko i Kokosz - New Adventures", created by other authors

In 2016, "School of Flying" was added to the list of compulsory reading for fourth grade students of primary school

On February 28, 2021, the premiere of the animated series "Kajko i Kokosz" took place on Netflix

The authorities of Sopot, Janusz Christa's long-time residence, plan to create a stronghold of Kajka and Kokosz in the city, so that they can become one of the symbols of the resort